Making Healthdata sharable and compareable!


  • Assisting in the specification fase of procurement processes
  • Assisting in strategies and development of Information architecture and modelling
  • Assisting in strategies and development og and quality assurance of standardized data set
  • Assisting in the development of Governance processes around terminologi maintenace and distribution
  • Assisting in the development and quality assurance of standardized data sets
  • Move the free-text documentation towards structured documentation (e.g. in the adoption of HL7 CDA & FHIR)
  • Structure overviews with terminology
  • Configure IT systems with terminology
  • Assisting in the analysis and adjust operating information with terminology (BI)
  • Develop process-, concept- & information models
  • Quality assurance of Master Data Management
  • Make IT systems "ready for new markets" with localization and terminology
  • Consolidation of IT system data
  • Educate in Semantic Interoperability
  • Educate in Structured Documentation


Experience basis:

  • As a consultant assisted in the specification of a terminology maintenance and distribution tool for the Healthplatform in the Capital Region and Region of Zeeland
  • As a consultant advised the portuguse Ministry og Health, SPMS in Semantics Governance and support of national Semantic Interoperability
  • As a consultant advised danish KL in the development of Common Language III standard for Primary Care
  • As a consultant quality assure if the Nationale Information structure (NI) support the cancer programs on behalf of the swedish Ministry of Health & Welfare
  • As a consultant developed datasets Zealand, so the region could achieve the goal of structuring and standardizing the nursing documentation
  • As the supplier project manager and consultant led SNOMED CT translation projects in DK, SE, SK & CA
  • Has developed and configured IT-systems with international terminology to ensure export maturity
  • Analyzed and adjusted operating information with terminology (BI) e.g. service and clinical logistics
  • Participated in several mapping projects in the goal og ensuring exchange of data, such as research data and registry data
  • Educatied in SNOMED CT and Semantic Interoperability within Healthcare


Use case examples:


Use epSOS experience

- information exchange of patient data using standards

epSOS is a European healthcare IT project to support the free movement of citizens cross borders in Europe. Patients are through standards supported in exchange of their health information between healthcare providers.


Similar projects can be implemented on a small scale for many areas of healthcare, both nationally and locally. epSOS have contributed to methods, processes and identification of international standards that support patient information can be exchanged without the information will be misinterpreted by IT systems , as well as humans.


A region or municipality has the vision to standardize the registration forms/scheemes for several chronic diseases in order to ensure the whole region document in the same way. The benefit is it gives the region data in a particular health areas which can be compared so treatment can be adjusted and if necessary improved.


The same approach may also be the target of national clinical databases. By ensuring the input is structured and standardized the possibility that the clinical databases can reuse data is achieved. And that data can be unambiguously compare be compared in terms of research in a specific field .

SemInte helps you to identify the data required in the specific documentation, develops the datasets based on terminology (eg, SNOMED CT, ICD- 10, etc. ) to be used in the templates. Facilitates the quality review process og helps with the technical dialogue with the vendors who shall implement the exchange standards (HL7 CDA and IHE XDS) and data sets.


Interface Terminology

- Making products ready for markets using international terminology


By adopting international terminologies products can be enhanced to fully support the rising needs in shareable and comparable data.


International terminologies have already gone through the burden of the localization cycle where data must be adapted to national needs, including the transformation to local language. This means that by adopting terminologies in a product's interface terminology the products can gain free translation and adoption efforts when preparing the product for new markets is in focus.


SemInte provides assistance in preparing your products for new markets by the use of international terminologies. SemInte will assist you in the efforts of mapping by mapping your product's interface terminology with international terminology or in the development of new products.

This will support you in achieving that your products are standard complaint. SemInte can help you in making re-useable pick lists in forms of minimum data sets. An other side effect besides ensuring data can be compared and reused cross the product or in exchange with third party systems is the possibility to make structures overviews in e.g. an EHR.

Contact SemInte if you wish to enter a new market and need to prepare your products for new market needs.